Meet The Friends Board of Directors




  • Butch Dies
  • Dan Dunklee
  • Rosa Huerta
  • Mark Kalchik
  • Lyn Peters
  • Jim Poptanich
  • Ashley Rice
  • Shannon Wise
  • Vicki Love
  • Brian Baker

Chris Estep with Keely Estep and their dogs: Rosie and IveyHi, I’m Chris Estep,
a friend of the library

The library is more than a big room full of books waiting to be checked out. It's a place where anyone can go to escape for a while. It is also a place where kids and adults can learn some of the most important life skills. At the library, we can learn the literacy skills necessary for navigating through today's digital world. These skills become a superpower, enabling and empowering us to engage with and inquire about our worlds. These most important skills help us to decipher media content, where it comes from and what it wants from us. Ultimately, we can learn to become more engaged citizens within our communities, all at the library.

Here at the Friends, we help engage the library with the community—and vice versa. The Friends fund improvements and programs, get the word out about them, and more.

The library and the Friends are vital to literacy, which leads to an active and engaged community and society. And that’s why I give my time and money as a Friend of the Library.

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