2 thoughts on “Friends’ Annual Meeting Newsletter”

  1. Why is the latest post from the President and the County Librarian from 2021? shouldn’t we have more up to the date information from the leaders? Come on, the community has supported the library, do your part!

    1. Hi Robert,
      As we are reorganizing our communications efforts, more time is put toward posting updates to social media where we have a larger and more instant reach. The 2021 newsletter was developed in place of the annual meeting which we were not able to have in 2021 due to the pandemic. However, we have begun having our regular annual meetings again to give yearly updates in person. As we move forward, and as we replace some severely outdated membership software, we are looking at the different ways we can communicate with members. It would be great to get some further feedback from you. What information would you like to see, how often, and in what format would you prefer? Please feel free to email us at fresnofol@gmail.com if you would rather not respond here.
      Thank you for your service,
      Chris Estep, President

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